rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Journal year in review meme

First sentence of the first entry for every month. 

January: Whoa, so I've been seriously lax in my psuedo-reviews of movies I have watched from Netflix.

February: Mina met the puppies. 

March: I wrote a post that was nicer.

April: (I'm back) from lack of intarweb access.

May: I watched dozens of people march for immigrant rights.

June: Mina's been on a raw diet for one whole week now.

July: I'll write more later.

August: I work for Animal Place: www.animalplace.org, a farmed animal sanctuary in northern California.

September: Once upon a time there was a dog. 

October: Thanks to the ASPCA and Badrap, the 50 dogs confiscated from Vick will have a second chance at life

November: Celeste just sat on Mina's head.

December: Just finished episode 9 and I cried.

Not very exciting, really.
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