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Pit bull mix saves woman from death

On Wednesday, Cullen presided over Kline's sentencing in the malicious-wounding case. In the courtroom was Marianne Reagan, Kline's victim, who had testified that Kline repeatedly tackled her after she walked into the barn on her rural Culpeper property in the early-morning darkness.

Reagan, 56, said yesterday that she entered the barn at 6:30 a.m. with her dog Linus, a pit bull-Labrador retriever mix. Linus growled, and Reagan saw "this lump figure" in a corner of the barn.

"All of a sudden, I heard this loud zapping electric noise and this bluish light," Reagan said, referring to a stun gun Kline was carrying. "And he rammed me, jumped on me and then tried to get the stun gun on the exposed part of my neck."

The dog leapt to Reagan's rescue, latching onto Kline's left arm while Reagan fought off the stun gun in his other hand. Kline got up, began circling her with the stun gun and tackled her again, she said. Again, the dog intervened. Kline got up.

A third time, Reagan said, Kline tackled her. "I was screaming, yelling for help," Reagan said. "I really thought that was it."

Linus bit into Kline, this time taking a piece of his lip. At that point, a friend of Reagan's arrived, she said. Kline darted into a small room in the barn and then fled.

"Linus is the hero," Reagan said. "He should get an award."

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