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About the calf

We got a call on Christmas day from Berkeley Animal Services about a confiscated calf. He was less than two weeks old and had been purchased cheaply at auction by a family who thought Jersey calves would make good beef. They also thought hay was a healthy diet for a creature too young to digest plant proteins...who needed, ya know, his mother's milk.

Nicholas, as we are calling him, is a Jersey. They are doe-eyed, small and inquisitive. Next to Holsteins, Jersey's are the second most popular dairy breed (which isn't saying much, since 90+% of dairy cows are Holsteins, heh).

You may know this, but it bears repeating: all dairy calves are removed from their mothers within 0-48 hours of birth. Males are worthless (we saw one online available for $5.00) and females suffer the same fate as their mothers'. This little male calf would have become veal or beef or just starved to death from malnutrition. Regardless, he would be dead.

Now he is at the sanctuary in the heated office (soon moving to a heated large dog enclosure). He is adorable and likes to kick dogs in the head (but the dogs deserved it). He likes nosing pigs and humans alike in his never-ending quest for the Elixir of Life, aka milk replacer. We will either keep him or place him in an approved home.

Behind the cut is a slide show of epic proportions. The cutenosity is slightly overwhelming. You have been warned.
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