rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

every day sale on plants and cork bottles

Corked  wine is not tasty, just fyi.

Anime music is tasty, if it were edible. Trust me. I went on a downloading binge. I only understand 30% of what they are saying (ya know, the parts in English), but some of the instrumentals are just phenomenal.

Raley's is trying to fool me. Every week, they have a "BIGGEST SALE EVAR" on photo frames. Every. Week. 

I bought two more plants. A nifty fern named Winchester Mystery House (aka Winchester) and an ivy named Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (aka Mr. Smith). That brings my total plant load up to five - Lock, Load and Flee (Flea) are happy with the additions. I am too. I also bought two wall sconces, but I don't know where to stick them. 

Also, in case you were wondering (you were), Febreze is Goddess of Neutralizing Pet Odor. 

That is all.
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