rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

I iz craptastic

Whatever has been going around the world, I now have. It's not that stomach thing with the yucky stuff, but it's that throat/chest cold thing with the yucky stuff. The worst part about being sick is being tired. I hate that feeling, especially a 2 in the afternoon.

And I only 4 hours of sick time left, which is unfair.

smeddley- would you be willing to post the voting poll for dog_icons? I would be forever grateful. My head barely understands what my hands are currently writing, so there is little hope for it to try and comprehend something so complex as posting a poll. 

Okay, I'm off to be comatose or catatonic. Whatever puts my brain outs of its misery but doesn't kill the rest of me.

Healing thoughts to all of you lj friends who are sick.
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