rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

In case you were wondering

Today, my clothes were nearly torn off. It makes me feel pretty knowing that a nice, handsome male finds me so attracitve that he needs to chew my clothes off.

Too bad he's a calf. Nicholas is a firm believer in chewing on my scarves. He does this every day. 

Not that I'd want a human male to do that. I'll pretty much only tolerate this behavior from adorable baby animals.


I have read nine books this month. NINE. Crazy. I'm doing okay on my 2007-2009 challenge, though I am cringing a bit knowing I have to read the entire series of Gossip Girl. The first book ended well, but it was painful to get through. However, the Alice series is endearing and loveable and precious all mixed into a big ball of adolescent angst and awesomeness.
Tags: animal place, books, reading
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