rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Mina of the woe

Hey guys, I'm sad. Like really sad. There is no way you could be more emo than me. No way. Except if you were more emo, then you would be. But you aren't. Because I am. More emo, that is.

Even sleeping, I convey melancholy to the masses. If I was a subliminal message, I would have you crying a river and eating tubs of ice cream telling you to watch the most depressing film in existence (which would be Snow Buddies, because come on - golden retriever puppies as sled dogs? Wrong).

Speaking of sad, wrong things; behold, Celeste.

There you have it. Think of every synonym that could accompany dejected, sad, woebegone, sorrowful and despondent...and you will have me, Miss Mina.

Do not send love. Please send accolades on how wonderfully, inconsolably, sad I am. Thank you.

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Tags: celeste, mina, mina and celeste chronicles, pictures
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