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Netflix update

OMGEE! It's been over a year since I've last reviewed Netflix stuff. That's a super-long time (super-short, if you're an eon or god or a dinosaur bone).

Hostage - in which Bruce Willis reprises his role as New York cop John McClane...oh wait, nevermind. But you get the idea - Die Hard (1-56) with less car explosions. Rec'd? If you liked Die Hard 1-56, you will like Die Hard 57 Hostage.
Spanglish in which Paz Vega kicks ass as Flor, a Mexican mother "stuck" as a housekeeper for a wealthy couple (Teo Leoni & Adam Sandler) in Los Angeles. Quirky, heart-warming and amusing. Rec'd? If you like quirky, heart-warming, amusing movies that don't go all fairy-tale ending on your ass, then you'll like Spanglish.
The Cat Returns in which a good deed never goes unpunished...;) When Haru rescues a cat from certain death, she doesn't realize the cat is actually a prince from the Kingdom of Acts. Rec'd? If you like animation and Alice in Wonderland (without all the drug references), then you'll like The Cat Returns.
Guess Who in which a white dude dates a black chick and supposedly this is funny shit. Rec'd? If you find the madcap adventures of a white dude dating a black chick amusing, yes. Otherwise, you might find it a lackluster attempt at comedy (if you're me, anyway).
Night Watch in which Russian do-gooders and baddies fight for truth, justice and seriously creepy mindfucks (not in a good way, either). Rec'd? Hells yeah, because Russian action fantasy thrillers are just plain, honest fun.
Pulse in which you just want to sing "it's the end of the world as we know it" but you and REM would not feel fine. Japanese horror flick in which ghosts are sucking up living people and then the world ends. Rec'd? If you like creepy movies about the world ending, yes.
Children of Heaven in which a boy loses his borrowed sister's shoes, then must try to win the race to win a new pair of shoes, and then the movie ends. Rec'd? If you like human-interest-stories about shoes and sweet-family-stories, you'll like this movie up until the last forty-five seconds. If you like movies that end on a bland, unremarkable, that's-not-how-the-movie-SHOULD-end note, just don't watch the last forty-five seconds. 
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room in which we learn Enron was run by assholes. And we learn that California rules and every single trader who profitted off of our electric energy-shortage will spend all of eternity poor, alone, and forced to watch Bambi over and over again until their brains implode. That is what I wish, anyway. Rec'd? If you wish to be annoyed, yes. Otherwise, no.
In Her Shoes in which we all smile and laugh and hug and kiss, and everyone is happy. Rec'd? If you like mushy, happy comedies that fill you up with saccharine, inedible goodness, hells yeah.
The Covenant in which we curse Netflix for suggesting this based on previous ratings.
Origin: Spirits of the Past in which a planet is taken over by plants that don't like being bothered. Beautifully animated with an intriguing plot and engaging characters. Rec'd? If you think earth is currently in a handbasket with a "To Hell, no return please" sticker slapped on, then yes. Otherwise, yes too.
Quinceanera in which a Mexican teenage girl gets pregnant just before her coming-of-age fifteenth birthday celebration. Nothing says "I'm all growed up" like getting knocked up. Rec'd? Absolutely.
Dirty Pretty Things in which you will say What the fuck? several times over. But you will love Audrey Tautou, because who does not love Audrey Tautou? (Rhetorical question, people). 
Frailty in which Matthew McConaughey is really creepy but morally justified in <plot spoiler>. Rec'd? Hecks yeah, because it has a twisty-curvy ending that I lurved, even if I didn't really lurve Bill Paxton (or Matthew McConaughey).
Earthsea in which Ursula Le Guin cries. And so do I. Rec'd? If you read the Earthsea novels, just wait a really long time before you watch the film. Cuz it just ain't the same.
The Fog in which lepers really hold a grudge, haunting a Californian coastal town via really thick fog and yucky special effects. Rec'd? Can't, cuz I didn't actually finish the movie. Take that, murderous fog!
DNAngel: Vol. 1-7:: in which the forces of good and evil fight for good and for evil in an animated epic of monumental proportions.
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok: Vol. 1-7: in which the norse god Loki tries to figure out why he got kicked out of "heaven" by Odin. To make matters worse, the mischief-maker is plopped into the body of a 11-yr-old and makes a living solving mysteries, collecting energy (to get back into Odin's good graces), and saving his human sidekick (mystery-lover Mayura) from constant bodily harm. It's a full-time job.
Half Light in which Demi Moore has some psychological issues. Or does she? Muhahahaha. Transparent ending, but still a pretty decent mystery-thriller. Rec'd? If you like pretty-decent transparent mystery-thrillers. And light houses.
Hellsing: Vol. 1-4: in which a lot of blood is shed and vampires fight other vampires and priests wield scary looking swords and all hell breaks loose, in an animated manner.
Gun Sword: Vol. 1-7: in which a group of unlikely heroes band together to stop the nefarious one-armed man from taking over the world via poisonous flowers which force everyone to have the same exact dream. Or something like that. It's was actually a decent anime, though my description does it little justice.

That is all.

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