rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

tonight I learned something about mina

First off, Celeste is not a picky eater. If I ever accidentally leave something potentially edible on the kitchen countertop, it will meet her stomach asap.

Second, Mina is much more discerning. Or so I thought.

Tonight, I made a curry that involved much of the vegetable kingdom. I knew Celeste would participate in taste-testing all these plant-based wonders, but what about Mina? 

Well, i discovered a few things:
- Mina and Celeste love carrots. A lot.
- Mina loves bell peppers, more so than Celeste
- Celeste, however, loves bell pepper bits - everything Mina left, Celeste felt was the best thing since sliced bread.
- Celeste likes spinach, but only after all other options have been consumed
- Mina and Celeste like garbanzo beans and rice.

I'm not surprised about Celeste (she IS my garbage disposal unit), but Mina showed me that she can be versatile when it comes to food. I'm so proud.

The curry wasn't as fantabulous as I thought it would be. However, it was chock-full of cayenne and cumin and other wonderful spices, which always makes me happy. I bet it will taste super awesome tomorrow for lunch. Celeste and Mina think so too, but they aren't getting any! Ha! Take that, dogs!
Tags: celeste, mina
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