rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

I had a newspaper interview today, so I was wearing my Animal Place sweater and t-shirt. Of course, it also happens to be the day I have to pick up 200 lbs of food for my dogs at the raw-dog food co-op (which is really just someone's house in San Francisco). People noticed my sweater, and I found out that at least three of the co-op members are vegan and two are vegetarian. It was pretty interesting.

Not so interesting was the drive from my parents house (I have a freezer there, where I store half the food). I spent 45 minutes on a five-mile stretch of highway that normally takes me 5-6 minutes to traverse. Stupid traffic. In total, it took me an hour and a half to drive home, normally a 45-minute drive. My dogs were pissed off at me for abandulating them. 

In other news, apparently the next time Easter falls this early will be in another 220 years. Just in case you cared. And were planning on living another 220 years.

More importantly, did I ever post this picture of Mina here? I feel like I did, but I couldn't find it in my Mina pictures tag.

Isn't she bedazzling? I'd like to bedazzle her. On my jeans, maybe. That might be uncomfortable. For both of us.

Tags: mina, mina pictures, napa
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