rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Thirty is greater than fifteen!

In the 15 items or fewer checkout at a local grocery store, I stood behind a woman who had 30 items. I counted! 

"Interesting concept of 15 items or fewer, eh?" I asked.

"Huh?" she replid.

I stare, for a moment, hoping she'll comprehend my question. A blank stare is my reply.

"Well, it's just that you seem to have a lot more than 15 items," I try to explain.

She stares at me, brown eyes widening but not comprehending. At this point, I figure she either has a serious learning disability or she's a total bitch who didn't want to wait in line with all the other "16 items and more" folk. And really, my vote is for the latter.

What did I have?
- Three tubs of Tofutti's cream cheese for the taste-tastic vegan cheesecake I shall be making for game night tomorrow
- One premade vegan graham cracker crust for said taste-tastic vegan cheesecake.
- Two tubs of blueberries, because I watched a KQED special about brains and the guy said blueberries are like "brainberries", and I'm ALL about that!
- A pack of Pyramid Apricot Weizen because apricot-flavored beer is LOVE TIMES FIFTY QUADRILLION.
- One bottle of organic, locally produced cranberry nectarified juice.

Eight items for the win!

Tags: stupidity
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