rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Strange and Random Tidbits

SR #1

There is a paper bag council. The bag from Trader Joe's is approved by the Paper Bag Council. I wish I was on the paper bag council.

SR #2

I had weird cravings today. I am finishing up an eggless (vegan) salad sammich. One half has pickles, the other half I added chipotle sauce to. Both sides were quite nummy. Weird cravings though.

SR #2a

As a side to the craving issue. As I took out my bottle of pickles, it says on the top "You've made the right choice madame". As if a) only girls buy pickles; b) I'm french and c) boys just don't have the skills to buy pickles so they have their madame do it...or something along those lines.

SR #3

It's raining here. I am irked with the rain. It can go away now. However, I do like walking in the rain sans a rainjacket. I was one of the few, the brave (or stupid) folk who didn't wear any rain protection on their way into Trader Joe. AND, I parked way far away. It was fun.

SR #4

People with large umbrellas should be required to close those umbrellas before grabbing a car and attempting entry into the supermarket. I and another woman had to wait for a stupid female to shut her impossibly large black, evil umbrella. I think both of us just wanted to shove the woman to the ground and walk on her to get inside the store. But we didn't. We showed restraint. We deserve a cookie.

SR #5

Mina falls asleep while begging. It is a great skill, I think. She stares and stares and stares until her eyes start to droop and her head starts to fall forward. At least I don't ever feel too pressured by her begging. How can anyone feel pressured by a falling asleep dog?

That is all.
Tags: mina, weather
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