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March's Book List

15) Claimed by Shadow - Karen Chance (3/12/08) - If you like perfectly proportioned heroines with supernatural powers, you'll like this book.

16) Dark Possession - Christine Feehan (3/13/08) - if you think vacuums suck, try living with one of the men in this series. you'll be a fan of this book if you think it's a laugh riot reading about an egotistical old dude (who looks young) try to conquer a spunky hispanic chick while avoiding the clutches of bloodthirsty vamps. i'm not a fan.

17) Bloody Bones - Laurell Hamilton (3/16/08) - i have determined this series must contain subliminal messages spurring me to read on. no other excuse.

18) Saint City Sinners - Lilith Saintcrow (3/19/08) - if you like tough heroines who are awesome in the first two books of the series, okay in the third, and become downright annoying as the series progresses...Dante Valentine series for the win. Still gonna continue reading it. that's how i roll.

19) The Killing Dance - Laurell Hamilton (3/23/08)  - see 17.

20) Alice in April - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (3/23/08) - there's no ifs about it, you will like this series. those who don't like coming of age stories should not comment.

21) Alice in between - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (3/23/08)  - see 20. i really wish i had read these when i was younger.

22) The Outlaw Demon Wails - Kim Harrison (3/26/08) - finally! not only did i have to wait for the book to be published BUT i had to wait forever and a day for my turn to read this from the library. fun, enjoyable, quick read. yaysers.

23) Aristotle and an Aardvark go to Washington - Thomas Cathcart & Daniel Klein (3/27/08) - the first 2/3rds not nearly as humorous as all of their first book, but Cathcart and Klein make up for it a bit in the end. Probably b/c the last 1/3 includes the VERY important chapter on post hoc ergo propter hoc - after this, therefore because of this. it's the best illogic tool out there - i.e. correlation = causation. wrongness times ten!

24) Howl (from the editors of BARK) (3/31/08) - fun collection of stories from Bark magazine. if you like dogs (and you should), you'll like this book.
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