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SF Protest of Olympic torch

The protesters, tethered together on the suspension cables halfway up the bridge, unfurled two giant banners reading "One World, One Dream" and "Free Tibet 'O8" — a play on the official slogan of the Beijing Games. One of the climbers also displayed a Tibetan flag.


From US Campaign for Burma:

On April 9th, this Wednesday, the Olympic torch will be making its only stop in the U.S., in San Francisco and we are strongly prepared for it. It is a crucial time, the world's focus will be there that day, as well as the Chinese government's attention. It is our turn to match the huge turnouts in London and Paris

This is a permitted walk. Parking is limited in bridge areas and we will have shuttles running from the SF side to Vista Point so that people will only have to walk one way. Wear red! The Bridge has strict rules. All signs must be hand held by one person. No sticks. Signs must be 3 feet by 2 feet at most. No musical instruments, banners, or flags. We can have these things before and after just not while on the bridge.


8:30 Park at Battery Park gravel (free) parking lot on the southeast side of the bridge at Lincoln St. Shuttles will be running across the bridge until 9:15am.

9:30 We will gather at North Vista Point on the Marin County side of the bridge in front of the flagpole. Parking here is free up to four hours, and there are public restrooms. This lot is accessible only from northbound US 101.

9:50 Move towards the Bridge.

10am Begin walking. 

Wish i could be there.


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