rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Little miss wild turkey girl

 I drove past a wild turkey girl who was standing very still, puffed out and panting heavily. She was surrounded by dozens of her own feathers. I turned around, called my boss, and approached the girl. I had a towel with me and easily captured her (always a bad sign with a wild animal). She barely struggled as I toted her to my truck. 

Right now, she's in the office bathroom. She's pretty shocky, but we don't want to palpate or move her around too much. We put in a call to wildlife rescue and will monitor her throughout the night (well, I won't, cuz I don't live there...but others will). She had some head wounds and one wing looked fractured or wounded. Hopefully, no internal injuries.

Spare a little positive thought for this little wild turkey girl. 

If she's physically handicapped by her brush with an asshole driver, she'll stay with us at the sanctuary. If she can be rehabilitated, great, she can be released on our property (we  have several flocks of roving turkeys).
Tags: animal place, animals

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