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Animal Observations

I paused to watch a brindle-cow furiously chase something. At first, I believed the cow was chasing off a marauding dog. Alas, I was incorrect. For a full minute, this cow chased a....peahen around a tree. It was surreal - one, because they kept circling the same tree repeatedly and two, a peahen? Come on, they're as threatening as a leaf on a tree. The peahen flew five feet away, thinking herself free of the bovine. Wrong. Brindle-cow stomped her feet, snorted and charged the peahen with a hellish fury. The pea hen finally flew away. Go figure.

Susie, the pig, decided to smoosh herself between Patty, the pig and Hazel, the mutant piglet. It was a Susie sammich of epic proportions. There is no species that can top a pig puddle-snuggle fest. 

Willow, the turkey hen, propositioned fifteen 9-year-olds today. Apparently, she isn't getting enough action from our male turkeys, Tom and Leland. Well, she seems to really prefer humans to turkeys. Poor confuzzled turkey girl.

On our freakishly long, tiresome hike, Mina decided she could totally kick the ass of an 80-lb American Bulldog and a 20-lb Boston Terrier. At the same time. The whole encounter was made less embarrassing when the Am Bull and Boston acted like flipping idiots and proceeded to attack each other. Mina and Celeste, as hyped up as they were, managed to not eat each other. Bonus points for them. Cool points deducted when Celeste barked. At a tree. Facing the opposite direction of the dogs. Seriously Celeste, what's up with that?

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