rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

April books

A little slow in April. The only two books I'd rec'd would be Go Ask Alice and I am America (And so can you). One is a depressing foray into the worlds of teen drug dependency and the other is a patriotic-roller-coaster ride of America-loving doom.

Non-ALA Challenge26) Blue Moon - Laurell Hamilton (4/5/08) 
27) Obsidian Butterfly - Laurell Hamilton (4/6/08)
28) I am America (And so can You!) - Stephen Colbert (4/9/08) 
29) Narcissus in Chains - Laurell Hamilton (4/20/08)

ALA Challenge
16) Go Ask Alice - Anonymous (4/15/08)
17) Alice the Brave - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (4/21/08)

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