rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Sweet home, Jesus

Think of Sweet Home Alabama, but instead of the lyrics "Sweet Home, Alabama, I'm coming home to you", these guys are singing, "Sweet Jesus, Sweet Jesus, Lord I'm coming home to you". Oh yes, and please "give your life to jesus, I'm coming home to you". Indeed.

It's the Stand & Be Counted Music Festival. Christian music - all christian, all the time, lest ye burn in the pits of brimstone and fire. And if you don't support the concert, you don't support the troops. Fact. I'm currently supporting the troops from now (5:15 pm) until 5:30 pm, at which point I will be driving to a friend's house. I worked all day (and didn't support the troops). I shall be back after 10 pm (I hope) and the concert will be over. I hope.

That is all. (Mind you, I think Christianity is a fine religion. I just don't want it shoved into my ear drums at 800 decibels with a bass that is shaking my entire apartment).

Just sayin.
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