rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Celeste is allergified

The vet thinks Celeste has seasonal allergies. Hydrocortisone, eye ointment and benadryl. If that doesn't help, possible prednisone (which I'd like to avoid). She also was rabified and distemperified. Go team vaccine, go.

I brought Mina along, because I am a dork. Two English Setters looked at Mina funny, so she rudely told them their spots looked funny. I'm proud to say that Mina did not bark and was able to redirect her attention to me with the aid of some cookies and me mushing her head into my leg.

Celeste showed off her mad skillz of not being a freakazoid by being calm and collected. I told Mina she should be ashamed - she told me I should not have brought her to the vet as "emotional support". Oh well.

In good news, the bill? Under a $100! That's a first.

PS: The vet called Celeste Miss Spazalot. I like it. Oh yeah, Celeste weighs 34 pounds and Mina is still at 38.5.
Tags: celeste, mina, vet

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