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Nearly a year ago, I went down to Mexico with Compassion Without Borders for a weeklong spay-camp (you can read a little about my experience here). The experience still haunts me, in both good and sad ways. Celeste would like to interject that she is one of the good ways. At the camp, a sickly, tiny slip of a puppy was dragged in by unkind children. She was covered in ticks, dehydrated and malnourished. The children didn't want her anymore. In honor of her big blue eyes, we called her Celeste (originally pronounced so-less-tay, now just spawn of satan).

I have never "raised" a forever dog since puppyhood, so Celeste has proven to be a fun, frustrating experience rolled up in a ball of sharp teeth and heavenly snuggles. I wouldn't trade the experience. In honor of her being here with me for a year, please enjoy this little photo montage of Miss Celeste, aka Miss Spazalot, aka Dorkwad of the Doomful, aka Bestest Puppiest Ever. I love her dearly and am so happy she integrated wonderfully into our little family (okay, just me and Mina).

Please follow the lj cut and the illustrious career of one Don't Know What to do With My Ears canine named Celeste. Lots of photos of Mina too!

Hello, I has squeaky fox toy and camo halter. I is ruler of both! - Celeste, age 2.5-months

RARW, but please don't eat me!

I win with the cute!!! - Celeste, age 2.5 months

If I cock my head to the side, will you please ignore my sharp teeth and biting ways? Please note that I broke my camo halter so as to convince my humom to purchase a snazzy, red collar (goes way better with my fur color) - Celeste, age 3 months

I live in an orange world, not a material one. Regardless, please take note of my growth spurt and also please note the awesomeness of my sister's ears. - Celeste, age 4 months

I'll have you know that this photo appears in a calendar! I'm going for the coquettish one ear up, one ear down look. - Celeste, 4.5 months

Here, I sit on my sister because she will not play with me. She is rude like that. - Celeste, age 4.5 months

Um. - Celeste, age 5.5 months

Hey! Look at me, I'm approximately five million times taller than a month ago. And my ears are way cooler than hers. - Celeste, age 6 months

I play rough and tough now that I is a big girl!!! - Celeste, age 7 months

I is also now a flirtpole  QUEEN BEE SUPREME! - Celeste, age 8.5 months

That's what I say to turning 10-months old. Neener, neener. - Celeste, 10-months

Bwahaha! I am so much taller than my munchkin of a perfect-eared sister! Take that perfect eared sister munchkin! - Celeste, age 10-months

Then there was the unfortunate period in which many a photo of my majestic self was lost. Today, my humom took some photos. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

I know how to SMILE! Not a pit bull smile, but a more delicate grin. - Celeste, age 14 months

Whoa! Look how white Mina is! VERY WHITE! More importantly, I think my ears look way better in this picture than Mina's. - Celeste, age 14 months.

Looking forward to many more years with the ever-endearing, quirky, adorable muttskie, Celeste!

Hope you enjoyed the show!

Also, gratuitous Mina plug

I love my dogs so much it is probably unhealthy.

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