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When kidlings attack!

A month ago, Santa Cruz Animal Services confiscated a couple dozen sheep and goats from a live market/slaughterhouse. They arrived at the shelter in varying degrees of poor health. Six of those goats and two sheep arrived at our sanctuary soon thereafter. They had seriously overgrown hooves, hoof rot, pneumonia and all were moderately-severely underweight. Sadly, we lost one of the goats to a horrendous stifle and lung infection. On Saturday, our one pregnant mama gave birth to two healthy kids. We NEVER get to see a natural relationship between a mom and her babies, so it is truly a joy watching how it's done! All the babies who ever come here are abandoned or removed from their moms soon after birth.

Here are some pictures of the baby boy goatling, baby girl goatling,Adele, Millie, Jessica, Annie, Virginia and Etta. Lucy was camera shy, so no photos of her. Enjoy!  
MOOOOOOOM! This is baby goat boy. His likes include towels, leaping to and fro, and head butting goats fifty times his size. Dislikes includes being away from his mother and when his sister gets the good nipple.

Adele is the mama checking in on her baby girl kidling. Her likes include snuggling with staff, pretending to eat hay, looking like an alien and being picked up. Her dislikes include her brother and wasps.
Life is very hard. Woe is me, baby boy goatling.
This is baby boy kidling taking on skinny-minnie Millie. He's pretty tough. Millie has squishable waddles.
Towels for the win! Baby boy goatling thought this towel was pretty darn neat.
So neat, he fell asleep.
Who is this creature?!? Triangle-face, check. Buggy eyes, check. Must be baby girl goatling, champion of the alien goats everywhere!
Again, bad lighting, my apologies. But is she not a shiny beacon of adorable?
Yes. Yes, she is.
Annie and Jessica spending some quality time together (which they do a lot).
Jessica showing the woodpile who is boss (she is).
Etta resting her big, precious sheep head on Virginia
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