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Why am I not surprised? Congo attacks again.

"I don't want people who were supportive of Congo (after last year's landscaper mauling) to think they were supporting a bad dog," Guy James said in an interview. He said Tuesday's unfortunate encounter between the dogs and his mother-in-law "wasn't an attack at all. It was dogs jumping."

This is Guy James idea of "dogs jumping": Ladd had puncture wounds and lacerations to the top of her head, chest and right forearm

Now maybe, just maybe, a dog's nail could puncture a head, chest and arm. But, in general, puncture wounds come from teeth, lacerations from either nails or teeth scraping.

And guess what? All four dogs are dead, euthanized at the family's request. Not that I'm supporting the decision, per se, but these people are clearly not capable of handling one intact, working dog, let alone four high-drive intact working dogs.

I guess if your dogs maul an immigrant landscaper, you is good, but if they maul your mother-in-law, all bets are off!

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    Just kidding, it's just Sophie.

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