rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Pictures of Da Dawg

Yay Mina.

This is not her best frog position, but it is her frog position nonetheless. Go frog!

I thought she looked quite noble in this one! :)

The oversized tennis ball is PPE - Purple People Eater (I wanted to call it Purple People Tripper, but PPT doesn't have the same ring as PPE....weeeee)

Does this dog look fat to you?!?

I went to the park today with Mina, and I saw my friend and his dog I hadn't seen in months! Bee is a 120 pound Rottie who I absolutely love. It made my heart fill up with childish joy when she bounded up to me and proceeded to give me kisses - she only does that to people she really likes, which means she remembered me, yay! Mina and Bee had a great time. Bee is Mina's ego booster; usually, Mina is pretty slow, but she is always faster than Bee.

Monarch capitillars (as I like to call them) are out in full force eating tree leaves and such. I need to take pictures.

That is all.
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