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Bit by a Boston & Yelled at By Some Guy

It was a weird week for Mina and me at the dog park* Mina is, oddly enough, the picture of perfection off-leash. I have worked very hard for her to be able to go off-leash, and she is a marvelous example of a well-behaved dog. Put her on leash, though, and well...that is why I am contacting trainers!

Last night, Mina was attacked BRIEFLY by a Boston Terrier. The dog latched onto her face, quickly let go, Mina snarled, I said "leave it", Boston's mom said "No! Come" and we went on our merry way. Mina can take some of the blame as her method of getting dogs to play with her often involves running at them full-force, leaping away at the last second and letting loose a few "follow me" barks...but the Boston zigged right when Mina zagged and so Mina ran into the dog, causing the Boston to "bite" her on the face. Mina isn't like the often-glorified "they won't start it, but they will finish" Pit Bulls - she won't finish much of anything...she's a licker not a biter, a loser not a dog fight winner (yay for her)...which is why she gets to be off-leash at the park (my previous Pit foster was a different story).

Following is evidentiary material of how dangerous Boston Terriers are and why they should be banned. Seriously, the dog did remove some hair but nothing more than that. The sad reality is that had the dog attacked, really attacked, Mina would NOT have defended herself. I am glad the Boston's mom trains her dog well, and that Mina is also well-trained off-leash (heh, on-leash is a WHOLE different story), otherwise Mina might actually have been harmed. I know some people might read that and think "yeah right, a Pit Bull actually GETTING mauled?!?" but I can only vouch for the submissive nature of my Mina-dawg.

Okay, I mentioned how Mina's method of getting dogs to play with her needs some MAJOR fine-tuning. Well, we were at the park, when she tried her bark method on a large black Lab. She was running in circles, barking, running away trying to get the dog to play with her, and being a nuisance. The dog didn't seem interested so in my most authoritative voice I said "Mina, COME here right now"...knowing Mina would respond to the "come" and ignore all my other jibberish. She did, I was pleased, and we were about to continue on our walk when the Lab's owner started yelling at me.

My heart paused for a second - usually when I get yelled at it is because I have a Pit Bull, off-leash, who is making devious plans to eat Maltipoos and eviscerate Labranoodles, and who should be immediately executed with a large bat. But this guy was yelling at me because *gasp* I called my dog away from "play-time". "She was only trying to play with my dog!" was what he yelled. Imagine my momentary loss of jaw control. I sputtered, actually sputtered, and felt quite embarrassed that I didn't let Mina continue her fruitless, loud endeavor at getting the Lab to chase her. I apologized profusely and explained that most people didn't really care for a dog trying to play with another dog clearly not WANTING to play (if that made any sense). Mina wasn't doing anything bad to the Lab, but it was clear the Lab wanted nothing to do with her, and I thought it best to just call Mina and continue on our walk. But it made me feel good that the guy saw Mina for who she is - a dog who just wants EVERY dog to like her, nothing more, nothing less.

*dog park defined as the hundred some odd acres of hiking trails where dogs can be off-leash, not to be confused with the few-acred enclosed dog commons where misbehaving dogs reign supreme (and where Mina does not set paw in).

In other dog park news - Mina was chased by a toy poodle, jumped on by a Bichon/Poodle mix, gnawed on by a Ridgeback puppy and spent copious amounts of time running with a) any dog who would run with her; b) any dog who wouldn't and c) any imaginary dog she could conjure up (my only explanation for Mina's love of JUST running). She also enjoyed the company of a gorgoues sorrel quarterhorse (my guess for breed of horse), and spent an exorbitant amount of time rolling in "stuff". Also, being the aquaphobe that she is, she managed to go THREE-INCHES deep into the nature-made, pseudo-pond that the park offers for several months out of the year. Granted, it was a mistake on her part going into the water, as she made the assumption her Rottie-buddy was a water-phobe like herself and would not be caught dead wading in muddy water. She was wrong. The look of horror on her face when she realized she was ankle deep in water was priceless.

That is all.
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