rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Attack of the Potbellied Pigs!!!

An epic of never-before seen epicness. A thriller more thrilling than anything thrilling you have ever seen. Featuring the world's most famous porcines in a hauntingly, tragically, beautiful tale of love, war, and apples. You won't want to miss this once in a lifetime film. ONCE IN A LIFETIME, people.
Charlie as Dr. Crooked-Teeth - a highly misunderstood doctor bent on world domination through plums. Charlie captures the essence of crazed doctors with this classic line, "I shall cure your wart with death!"
Lucky as Mr. Goodfellow - the bumbling, slow-moving, leader of the piggy mafia. Lucky goes the extra mile in this production, going so far as to gain 15-lbs to achieve that portly belly mafia leaders are known for.
Olivia as The Heroine - the self-absorbed daughter of Mr. Goodfellow. Olivia worked hard for this role, spending hours rehearsing and training* with her personal coach and agent, Kim.
Frank as The Bad Boy - the illegitemate offspring of <<names deleted for protection>> and the primary love interest of Olivia. It's said that there was some possible on-set love tension between Olivia and Frank, but that was promptly dismissed when Frank bit Olivia and stole her potato dumplings.
No doubt this film will go down in history as the best pig-related movie since Charlotte's Web. Or Babe. Or that movie with the pig walking by the fire hydrant.
*By training, we mean eating.
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