rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

is that your hair on fire?

My apartment house is right across the street from the park where the fireworks are set off.  We were so close that firework parts were landing in our front lawn. Just so you know, it smells like hair burning when that stuff lands on your grass.

I felt bad for the fire department  - there are 1400 fires burning in the state, most of them not under control, and our firefighters have to stand around making sure no one gets blown up by fireworks. With ashes falling on my head, Mina peeing in the bathroom and Celeste looking confused, PLUS MENSTRUAL CRAMPS, the fireworks pretty much sucked. Except for that one that did the thing with the sparkly-reds and greens. That one was cool.

Mina is currently scarred for life. She's got her "THE WORLD IS ENDING" look on her face and a squeaky toy in her mouth. She won't even make eye contact with me and she's got a twitch. Celeste is a little concerned.

Finally, fireworks that blind the viewer should be outlawed.

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