rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

PG&E and Comcast

PG&E told me that they were no longer doing the automatic credit card deductions starting June 30. I have discovered that "no longer" is a euphemism for "until the PUC tells us we can stop offering it, which may, in fact, be decades from now". So, because I thought my credit card would no longer be charged, I used my checking account to pay my bill.

Okay, let me interrupt. It's important to be made aware of this little fact: my hot water has been leaking for two weeks. Maybe more, if you want the truth. I procrastinated calling Larry, the landlord. This was dumb. Even more dumb was my belief that "oh, it's just a little drip". Because "just a little drip" of hot water can cost you $200 on your next PG&E bill. And you will wonder why the hell your bill is $258. You will think PG&E is out to get you only to realize your bathtub is out to get you.

I can tolerate a $258 deduction, but having TWO $258 deductions from my credit card and my checking account is a bit much.

Anyway, they're "cutting me a check" which will take 3 weeks to get to me. Oh yeah, my bathtub is fixed b/c I called Larry. Go Larry, go.

In other utility news, I called Comcast about this so-called bill they send me every month. It used to be $42/month to have hi-speed internet connection. Now it's $62/month. Why? Because I don't watch tv, so I don't have cable. In order to save $50/year, I added limited basic cable to my account. What I do to save $5/month on my Comcast bill!

Brought to you by The Electric and Cable Industries - Better Living through your money.
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