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When feral cat advocates are a little crazy

There's a war a-brewing in southern California between "animal rights advocates" and two coyotes.

Here's the deal: Feral cat advocates think that feral cats should be able to live in nature but be exempt from its rules. This means that if two coyotes decide to come along and eat a few of the invasive cats loitering on campus, then the coyotes must be exterminated post-haste. Oh wait, I mean they need to be "trapped" and "relocated", which is euphemism for "snared and shot". Anyone who thinks trappers go around live-trapping and releasing is living in the same vicinity as Goldilocks.

What has twisted up my proverbial panties is not the infamously irksome wedgie but the mind-numbing argument that because people feed cats and "love animals" that they have the right to advocate the needless slaughter of wild, native animals. I am baffled why - somehow - the "rights" of the feral cats to loiter about campus dining on canned tuna and dry kibble supersedes the "rights" of wild predators to hunt them.

Since this is my own personal journal, I get to advocate nothing in reference to the feral cat problem. I do get to advocate letting the coyotes be coyotes in their ever diminishing world called nature.

It should be duly noted that I like cats just fine. I'm even a fan of feral cats. That people take the time and money to feed them is considerate - I would like this approach to be applied to me as well (no tuna, please). I'm not going to try and conjure up a solution for feral cats, I'm just conjuring up a solution to the coyote problem...which is that there isn't a problem and they should be left alone.

Feral cat advocates on my flist may now berate me. Coyote advocates may pat me on the back.

The end.


Jul. 15th, 2008 10:58 pm (UTC)
ranty mcranter
The coyote "problem" in San Francisco annoys me just as much. It's not like the coyotes are frequenting downtown dining establishments (like that chap in Chicago). They're hanging out in the wilds of the city. The places were we humans should leave them the eff alone. But oh! If some human loses a dog or cat to a "vicious" coyote, we should shoot them! Never mind that we're invading what little land they have left. Same goes for the poor pups in the Marin Headlands. Humph.

I don't get the logic of those feral cat advocates, probably because there is none. So a feral cat eats a feral mouse or bird. That's fine. A coyote (AKA feral dog) eats a cat. OMG NOES! Speciesism much?

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