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Verizon Wireless and their silly ways

Maybe you've seen the ad for the LG dare phone, maybe you haven't. I'm too lazy to dredge up the youtube link. It features a mop-headed young man deciding to trespass a junkyard where two cropped-eared and chained pit bulls are resting, just so he can touch an lg DARE phone. He touches the phone inches from the snapping maw of one of the dogs.

If Verizon really wanted to be accurate, the dogs would have been anorexic mutts with fleas and stress-induced hair loss. There would, of course, be no LG Dare phone lying atop a rustbucket of a vehicle, that's just silly. I mean, would the owner of a useless yard of junk really leave a $200 phone lying around? Again - silliness. The dogs' chains would have been long enough to reach the fence and the ass of the idiot testosterone-laden boy leaping over it. Said boy would not just leave his sweaty fingerprint on the phone, he'd actually take the phone (Come on, I'm not facing down two hellspawn dogs just to "touch" a phone).

I cannot take the ad seriously. There just does not exist a place with two sleek, healthy pit bulls chained, guarding worthless piles of crap. Nobody leaves their LG Dare phones lying on ugly-ass cars, either. Idiot boys will always exist, of course.

The ad enforces a myth that pit bulls are bred and conditioned to be supreme guard dogs...apparently of phones. I'm clipping my razr to Mina's neck. Only the most insane of unkempt boys will dare to try and touch it. That's because Mina is Queen Bee of Phone Guard Dogs. Boys will have to get through her minion, Celeste of the Sharp Teeth and Leaping Ways, but to touch that phone, ah! pure victory, I'm sure. Well, only if it was an LG DARE phone, maybe.

That is all.


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Jul. 16th, 2008 10:35 pm (UTC)
Those pibbles need better agents. You know Mina would have refused to work with such stereotypes.
Grimm likes to jam him nose into my phone whenever it vibrates.
I don't think it counts as guarding though he does get a little miffy when Koda tries to figure out what he's got. They've never been in a junk yard though, and Koda wouldn't agree to being chained up. Koda is very anti chain, having spent a good portion of her life before me on one. She thinks chains are for chumps, and also that ever having to wait anywhere tied up while the people go into a store is for chumps (Even if they are going in to buy her a gelato ) .
Maybe LG's next ad needs a sloppy wagging husky and a chubby shepherd laying on a giant puffy bed arguing about who gets to smush their face into the LG DARE.

I hate the motorola razr commercial where the people in the subway cut each other's clothes off. It makes me sad that there is a target audience that this appeals to. I'm pretty sure its the same people who brought us The Hills
Jul. 16th, 2008 11:19 pm (UTC)
puppy says to tell celeste of the sharp teeth to be careful not to bite the dang phone! (i once stupidly left mine on the floor next to the couch i was sleeping on and puppy treated it like a chew toy, puncturing the battery and short circuiting the thing)

i think that commercial is stupid. why would anyone want to just touch a phone and not take it.
Jul. 16th, 2008 11:20 pm (UTC)
(oh and i posted a cute goat video http://yesididit.livejournal.com/477915.html)
Jul. 17th, 2008 10:11 am (UTC)
i want to know what kind of pit bull owners would allow for their dogs to be portrayed that way on national tv? i mean... seriously i would never ever let someone put valkyrie in that kind of stereotyped commercial! its bad press for the breed. stupid owners.
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