rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

When pit bulls ZOMG! MAUL

On July 14, 2008, a 3-yr-old child tugged on the tail of a 2-yr-old male pit bull and was bitten in the face. 

The Toleda Blade has this to say about the bite: The child was "was bitten multiple times on the left side of his face and thrown through the air by the pit bull."

When I clicked on another article and saw the picture, I was expecting the kid to have lost half his face (come on, thrown through the air? Better have lost a body part!) Instead, this article has a picture of a 3-yr-old with his face intact and what appears to be lacerations from one bite wound on one side of his face. No one is really arguing that the dog bit the child. But is it really a "mauling"? In my mind, a mauling entails something like what this kid endured. One (arguably minorish) bite wound to the face does not a mauling make. Perhaps the dog has magical abilities too, but there is no way that child's face would have ended up like that if he'd been "thrown through the air" by the dog.

Yet another example of the poor media cards Mina and her kind are dealt.

Tags: media bias, pit bulls
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