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Andy of the Bunny Nation

Andy of the Bunny Nation
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This is Andy. He's been at the sanctuary for a few months now. You may not know this but rabbits have it tough: They are the 3rd most popular companion animal and the 3rd most euthanized; they are used extensively in research/vivisection, slaughtered for their fur and killed for their meat.

Andy was one of three rabbits confiscated by animal control, saved from the butcher's block. They were without food, water and shelter. Around 800,000-1,000,000 rabbits are slaughtered every year for food.

Get this: They are classified as poultry because they are killed in the same facilities as birds. You may not know this but the Federal Methods of Humane Slaughter Act does NOT require birds to be stunned insensible to pain before their throats are cut. That's 9.2 billion birds who (if in federally inspected facilities) can be killed fully conscious. And since rabbits are killed in the same facilities, they too do not need to be rendered unconscious. They are either bludgeoned to death or killed via cervical dislocation.

Andy is a lucky rabbit. He's also intelligent, curious and very fond of cilantro. A little TOO fond. :)
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