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A walk to end all walks

A walk to end all walks - just for you,


 As always, these are TRUE STORIES with vocal embellishments on my part. ;)

The scene: Walking in the ‘hood with mah pit bull and muttskie.

The cast:

Mina: The Pit Bull who is certain little yappy dogs yelling at her must be dispatched post-haste

Celeste: The Muttskie who does whatever Mina does even when she doesn’t

Me: Just a hapless human dragged about by two crazed canines


Me: Hey, it’s pretty toasty out, eh?

Mina: It’s more than toasty, minion, it’s like we’re walking in a giant molten lava-ball.

Celeste: Ohhhh, can we chase our lava-selves? Please?

Mina: Sure you can. You should probably chase your lava-self in the road, though. Better traction.

Celeste: Okay!!! *prances off sidewalk*

Me: Negative, little crazed one! Mina, please don’t encourage Celeste to do dumb things.

Mina: Yeah, whatever. It’s not my fault she believes everything I say, even though I am right about 150% of the time. I try hard to live up to my awesome standards.

Me: Yes, it’s hard being you.

Mina: I’m glad you recognize that, minion.

Celeste: It’s hard to be me too!!!

*Me and Mina roll eyes*

Suddenly, barking erupts from the house on our right. Then more barking is heard from the house behind us.

Mina: PANIC ALERT LEVEL FOUR MILLION! It’s a panoramic attack! Rally the troops!

Celeste: I is the troops and I’m rallied!

Me: Good lord, Mina, these dogs are like 1/50th of your size.

Mina: Ha! Yeah and parasites are like 1/trillionth of my size and yet I don’t see you inviting them over for tea.

Me: Good point. About face! Let’s, um, go visit that lamp post five blocks away – I hear it’s real popular with the boy dogs.

Mina: Not until I tell those miniature hounds of hell what’s-what. *barks, whines and glares at five random houses* Okay, I’m done.

Celeste: Me too! *promptly runs into tree* Whoa! That is the fastest moving tree I’ve ever met in my whole entire 1-yr-long existence!

Mina: God, you are embarrassing.

Me: Like you should be talking. Anyway, let’s go check out that lamp post.

*Mina glares one more time at random house; Celeste nose bops the fast-moving tree; Me, I just hope for the best*



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Aug. 23rd, 2008 06:38 pm (UTC)
oh YEAH! i love it when mina tries to make celeste play in traffic. :) and when celeste runs into things. :D

this is so great. i wish i knew y'all in person!!

thanks for the chronicles. :) makes my day every time. your babes are too sweet and adorable for words.
Aug. 23rd, 2008 07:41 pm (UTC)
True story, Tink once stunned herself on a concrete pipe. My mom was walking the dogs in a field that was large, open, and totally flat. There was one obstacle, a 2 1/2 foot tall concrete pipe with a manhole on top. Tink got away from Mom, started running around like a loon, looked back over her shoulder to make sure that Mom and Beowulf were suitably panicked and crashed into the pipe at full speed.

Luckily she was stunned long enough for Mom to recover her leash.

Tink says Celeste will learn to dodge trees some day.
Aug. 23rd, 2008 11:13 pm (UTC)
Celeste: The Muttskie who does whatever Mina does even when she doesn’t

hehehe, oh the dedication! puppy has repeatedly smacked his head and crashed into the corner of the cupboards between the kitchen and the dining room. and this happened back when there was still carpet in there! i think puppy and celeste would get along fabulously, and that there would probably be a lot of destruction left in their wake.
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