rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Celeste Pup

Celeste Pup
Originally uploaded by Rinalia
If you look closely, you can see Celeste's drool flying off her tongue.

Celeste and I went with a friend to the Albany bulb in Albany (http://www.albanybulb.com/). She brought her three dogs, and I learned Celeste is the most awesome off-leash dog evar. For serious.

Mina stayed home because a place where dogs are off-leash (some even chasing tennis balls, for shame!) is way too much stimulation for the old girl. She yelled at me when we got back.

It was a lot of fun.

You can (supposedly) see the other seven shots taken here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/28493890@N07/sets/72157606112768004/ - don't hold me to it, though.
Tags: celeste, dogs, photographs, photography
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