rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Halloween '08 Shadow Clone Wars - Help Needed!

Okay, the dogs always get tortured dressed up for Halloween, because that is how I roll.

Awhile ago, I posted about a pit bull protecting their owner from a samurai-wielding boyfriend...I of course instantly thought Halloween could be the Clash of the Ninja Clans - Pit Bull v. Muttskie, Shadow Wars '08....or something like that.

However, the only ninja costume I could find was this and no dog of mine is going to be caught ghouling around in that. Seriously.

Thoughts on how I could implement Clash of the Ninja Clans - Shadow Wars '08? I was thinking I could get some skintight (sexy!) black doggie tees for the dogs, then outfit them with some sort of doggie ninja clan bandana...oh yeah, I'd have to get some nerf swords so they could battle it out. PetEdge has a cute camo tee that could work - I mean, do ninjas even wear camo? Probably not. 


(Mina says you should not ever in a million years help, and if you do, you will be eaten. Not by her, mind you, but something more evil - like the giant dust bunny under your bed. Celeste has an in with them.)

Tags: halloween
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