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Okay, if one of my upstair neighbors is doing what I think they're doing (and so far, my theory has not failed), then they are abandoning ship. This will leave me with the sometimes jobless alcoholic upstairs and the flower loving hermit downstairs. I practically live in this big ol victorian house all by my lonesome. 

The house has never been so....quiet and empty before. It's nice, actually. It puts a damper on my whole "Acquire lots of crazy Halfway House stories to tell your grandchildren" plan. That's what I call this place - the Halfway House. So named b/c most of its residents have either just started NA or just gotten out of prison. At least two are now back in prison (never trust a friend who says "Oh, the license plates? They're missing. You'll be fine. Pay me cash. Title? Huh? Alright kids, have fun now.") I even have stories about people who don't live here but really want to - like the guy (or girl, it's dark and I can't tell) who keeps rifling through our garbage bins on a quest for bottles and cans.

In other news, Celeste fell off the bed last night. I mean she just slid right off. And stayed partially asleep. I turned on the light, looked over, and she glanced up at me from the floor, curled up in a ball, all sleepy-eyed. Then she figured out I was up, she was down, and wa-huh? how'd that happen? This is the second time she's fallen off furniture without a backward glance. The other time was a sofa chair - she was leaning back for a stomach rub and just fell right off. The fact she is unfazed by it all makes it all the more amusing. Except for Mina, who thinks Celeste is a freakazoid and dork.

Also, no one commented on THIS VERY IMPORTANT ENTRY. I'm sure it was a mere oversight and will be corrected post-haste. Celeste may think no one loves her as much as they love Mina. (Fact: It's true. Keep it a secret, people.)
Tags: halfway house, vacaville
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