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The Canon - A Quote

I have many quotes from this book I liked. You'll see what I mean about "verbose". The content I love, the delivery....well, that depended on my mood, really.

Need a quick infusion of humility? Climb to a scenic overlook in the mountain range of your choice and gaze out over the vast cashmere accordion of earthscape, the repeating pleats swelling and dipping silently into the far horizon without even deigning to disdain you. Or, try the star-spangled bowl of a desert sky and night and consider that, as teeming as the proscenium above may seem to your naked gape, you are seeing only about 2,500 of the 300 billion stars in our Milky Way - and that there are maybe 100 billion other star-studded galaxies in our universe besides, beyond your unaided view.

- pg 71

Translation: Want to know fragility? Fall off a mountain. Feeling alone and angsty? Realize you are but a tiny speck in the 100-billion galaxy-sized eye ball of a giant. Want to feel intellectually inadequate? Force yourself to look up the definition of proscenium.

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