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This just in: 50% of AP-Yahoo pollers would watch a football game with Obama versus 47% with McCain. The soundbytes are the best, though with "I'd like to chit-chat and hear his stories" being popular. Now, I'm not a football fan, but I've watched a lot of football games with my dad, and I know you don't do small or big talk during a football game. Even if the 49ers are losing by 40 points (that's when you just turn off the television and lift weights in the garage). You certainly don't talk politics. Fact is, I don't want to watch football with either McCain or Obama. I want to watch Buffy or Gilmore Girls or Ghost Hunters or even random shows on National Geographic. I'll even take the History Channel over football.

In other news, Governor Palin's email account with yahoo was hacked by some 20-yr-old out of Tennessee. 

Also, cell phones = dim-witted sperm. FACT.

Tags: election 2008, news
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