rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Treasure Island Music Fest recap

Had a great time at the Treasure Island Music Fest on Sunday.

Let's see, Fleet Foxes? GODS. Except for their chicken talk, could have done without that. I was saddened they were on a side stage. For serious.

VAMPIRE WEEKEND was all alt rocky goodness.

I ended up really liking Tegan and Sara b/c they are uber funny, though a little obsessed with The Lost Boys, apparently. Their enthusiasm made me excited and their concert a lot of fun.

The Raconteurs were great live, very loud and ear drum implodey. However, they dragged out every. single. song. Fact: No song, no matter it's goodness, should last ten minutes long. FACT. So, even though they have an 1:20 set, they played like six songs and blew out my ear drums. However, THERE WAS A FIDDLE. And I was in heaven. I heart fiddles. I heart most stringed instruments.

That is all. I'm seeing The Kooks in October and am trying to find el frienditoes to go see The Decemberists in November. If SOMEONE didn't have finals, she could come along. *ahem* Just saying.
Tags: concerts, music
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