rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Debate: Look out for loose nuclear weapons!!

THIS JUST IN: We have won the war in Iraq. Again. The strategy has succeeded. -McCain.

Also, we should build 50 new nuclear plants for the win!

FACT: McCain is smiling too snidely during this debate.

FACT: I hate war talk. Hate.

NOT FACT: I like McCain's League of Democracies! They'll wear spandex and capes. Cause widespread pain and panic to lousy Iranians. Prevent 2nd Holocausts everywhere, except where they've already occurred! League of Democracies = France. Germany. Britain. United States. We cool.

FACT: Sitting down at a table with someone you disagree with MEANS YOU AGREE WITH THEM!!!! This means that McCain and Obama are actually twins. Legitimize those preconditions,

FACT: Naivetaaaaaay Tang is how it should be pronounced.
Tags: election 2008
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