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59. From Dead to Worse - Charlaine Harris - 8/20/08 - Not one of the best Sookie Stackhouse books, not one of the worst. There were some interesting plot points but mostly there wasn't much of an actual plot.

60. Wit's End - Karen Joy Fowler - 9/9/08 - Utterly charming book with a lot of subtle wit and humor. The premise is tragic, really, as Rima ends up at her estranged godmother's house, a famous myster writer, (called Wit's End) after the death of her father. Her mother died when she was young and her brother died as the result of a drunk-driving accident. She's alone. But she finds her own mystery to solve involving her late father and her godmother. It's set in Santa Cruz, CA and Fowler captures that community spot-on.

61. The Canon - Natalie Angier - 9/12/08 - Laconic she is not. Angier likes her adjectives. Sometimes she describes her adjectives with other adjectives. The book covers the basic sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Other Stuff. If you can parse through the descriptors, this book has a lot of fascinating information.

62. Embrace the Night - karen Chance - 9/14/08 - 3rd in a series. Look it up on Amazon.

63. The Princess and the Hound - Harrison - 9/16/08 - Classic Beauty & Beast fairy tale but with a prince who can talk to animals (considered burn-worthy at the time) and the princess he is to marry. She happens to be trapped in the body of a wild hound. It was an easy read (i.e. one day).

64. A Thousand Never Evers - Shana Burg - 9/17/08 - This is supposed to be historical fiction set in the south during the early 60s and the discrimination blacks endured. I liked the main character, Addie, who is charming and delightful. Most of the book, I enjoyed. The court scene at the end was laughable (maybe court trials were like that back in the day, I can't say).  Overall an okay book with a likeable main character.

65. Faerie Wars - Herbie Brennan - 9/25/08 - Dorky boy makes friends with man. Meet fairy prince. No kissing or marrying. Must fight demons and kitten-burning fiends. Learns to cope with mother having affair with woman and father acting okay with it. Ends on amicable note, as all broken marriages surely do. Right? No? Tough shit, people.

I'm currently reading Fudoki, which I highly rec'd, even though I'm not finished with it. The prose is beautiful and both heart-warming and heart-wrenching. I love it. Look it up.

That's it, peeps.
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