rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Mina Pictures

Lucky you! Following are pictures of Mina. And, I decided to try and capture the beauty that is the off-leash hiking area during this time of year. Our park is called Alston Park. *huggles Alston*

I warn you - I went picture crazy. Because I can.

Above is the view at Alston. Pretty, huh? Those are amber waves of grain. Just kidding.

Above is Mina in her splendiferous glory. Bask in her glory. Bask!

I couldn't capture it, but this cloud looked gorgeous. Oh well.

This is the view I often see whilst on our walk.

More greenery.

Mina's sexy bum.

It's hard to tell, but those wildflowers are UBER-tall!

Okay, it's hard to appreciate, but this is Mina in a down-stay. She is beyond pissed!

Ah, the Napa Valley with all it's graperies. Yes, of course Alston Park is adjacent to vineyards - isn't everyone living in Napa winemakers? :) Eerily, the posts the grapes are growing on look like graveyard crosses. Spooky.

This is Mina post-roll looking thoroughly pleased with herself. She loves rolling in the shrubbery. :)

In other news, my fingers hurt from playing Wally. My guitar, that is.
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