rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Mina and Celeste rule the universe

It never ceases to amaze me that Mina can become the softest, most tolerant dog around children. Behaviors that would freak her out coming from an adult, she takes with nonplussed aplomb from a child.

Anyway, I took the pups out to potty and there were two kids - one was maybe 8, the other was maybe 2-3. I realized in hindsight I should have gotten permission to allow the kids to pet the dogs. The little girl asked to pet them and Celeste was overjoyed by the prospect of attention. The mom was up the stairs supervising and since she didn't scream bloody murder, I took that as an okay for the kids to meet the dogs. So I sat Celeste and Mina down and both were surprisingly good. Celeste was a lot calmer than I expected. And Mina, bless her heart, she kept shoving her nose gently into the face of the toddler, giving him the softest kisses. He'd squeal and she'd just sit there stoically.

More importantly, the young lady's shirt can sing. She told me this no less than five times.

There are times when Mina is so lacking in confidence that my heart breaks. And then there are times when she is filled to the brim with false overconfidence (particularly on leash around other dogs)...that is frustrating too. Most of them time she's in between all that, being a good overlord to this minion. Finally, there are moments like tonight, where she is the picture of patience and perfection, where you can see her modify her behavior to provide comfort and love to these small, alien human beings.

And Celeste! Usually she is a bundle of electric energy, ready to zap anyone entering the premises. She's so overjoyed to meet people and likes to propel herself all over/through/near them. She is also deathly afraid of moving cars, so much so that she'll flatten herself to the sidewalk if a particularly big vehicle lumbers by. Tonight, she was a picture of controlled energy. She tried so hard to subdue her natural tendency to jump on people and even when not in sit, she stood politely trying to get in kisses. Plus, she didn't do any of those dangerous bitey kisses (where she "submits" by doing a submissive grin and plowing into your face).

Moments like these are so valuable. I love my dogs so much for their doggy nature and their kid-loving ways. I always knew that if I adopted/birthed a human child, Mina would be the most stoic of dogs, tolerating the worst abuses a child could dole out (I'd do my best to protect her from such injustices). I wasn't sure about Celeste but now I know she at least sees human children as enjoyable and fun. :) I bet she would have loved the singing shirt.
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