rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Mina and Celeste Chronicles

Changing the world, one cookie-look at a time

Miss Mina here. I've been working diligently on my "LOOK INTO MY EYES AND GIVE ME COOKIES" look. Here is a sample. I think it is a pretty sure bet that the minion will proffer a multitude of cookies for this look.

(Of course, you'll have to visit the blog to get more details. HA. http://minacelestechronicles.blogspot.com/)

Wordless Wednesday: CELESTE!

Preparing for Halloween

Mina here, I'm taking over this blog to warn all of you canines about the horrors of Halloween. HORRORS. I cannot emphasize enough the evils of this so-called human holiday or, as I call it, Holiday of Torture.

Behold the sheer terror of this day.

In 2005, my minion decided I would be good as a gourd. A GOURD. There is zero resemblance between me and a pumpkin. And just because you stick felt shaped jack-0-lanterns on me does not make it so. It is difficult for me to convey, but I think you can see the death-glare I am giving my minion here.
Tags: mina and celeste chronicles
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