rinalia (rinalia) wrote,


Your daily flower has been supplanted with a Mina and Celeste photo montage.

The sanctuary where I work is moving to a new sanctuary - 600 acres in the sierra foothills. We just got the keys and so I spent the weekend up at the sanctuary with the dogs. It's really beautiful there, but I didn't take any pictures of his gorgeousness because I had to take pictures of the dogs enjoying 600 acres of off leash awesomeness.

Mostly I just saw this:

Butts. Thanks, ladies.

Hey, I would do an lj-cut now but it's not working. Sorry. But really, you should be looking at these pictures and they should take up your whole friends page. Fact.

Mina pretending to be a lion, Celeste standing there like an idiot. Geez, get with it Celeste, you can't blend if you're standing out in the open.

No photo montage complete without a slightly embarrassing picture. Geez Mina, can't you keep your tongue straight?

Look at her legs. God, she is such a leggy monster bee. At least she has a slightly sane look on her face.


Please to be rolling in unknown stinky stuff!

Tags: animal place, celeste, mina, photographs
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