rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Debate: AS IT HAPPENS (again!)

This just in: Obama and McCain are ignoring reality.

Go figure.

Obama: We have to embrace a culture of responsibility.

That's crazy. Since when?

McCain: OBAMA LIKES PLANETARIUMS!!! Also, cut out the pork.

McCain is correct: Cut out the pork, people. The pigs like their pork to stay on themselves. 


Just kidding.

McCain: I'm PROUD of the people who come to my rallies!!

Especially the ones who yell kill those terrorist arab n-words!!

Obama: Kiss my ass, McCain - the president of the Chicago Tribune served on the same board as Ayers. TAKE THAT.

Seriously. Take that.

McCain: The killa from wasilla rocks my world!!

McCain: Those crazy environmentalists want safe nuclear power. CHERNOBYL, people. Really safe. Plus, Canadian oil for the win! Damn you Venezuela.

McCain: I am an asshole. Read those words, Obama.

McCain: Possible judges should not be judged on their idiocy! Or ideology. Whatever.

This debate irked me.
Tags: election 2008
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