rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Been bad about my daily flower but will get back on it.

Saturday went to The Kooks. Realized we should have arrived when they started because let me tell you how much The Whigs suck - A LOT. All capitalized to emphasize their loudness and craptasticness. I mean there was no melody or rhythm; it was noise and loud and more noise and a really annoying bass player who had the audacity to throw his empty water bottle into the crowd. Did he really think he was that cool? He's not.

The Kooks were made of teh awesome. Apparently, I am really out of the loop, though, because they are far more popular with teenagers than I thought. I don't listen to the radio so I rarely learn whether bands I adore are poptastic. They played a new song which means new album at some point in the future, hopefully near.

We sat up in the balcony (b/c no thanks to sweaty teenagers)...with the parents. In our entire row, we were the only two who actually came to see The Kooks and enjoy their  British accents and awesome lead singer and fantabulous musica. A couple to our right were super cute, though; they kept taking pictures of their daughter on the floor and sending them to her...then she'd take photos of them in the balcony. Which made me wonder why they didn't just hang out together but I guess that is so not cool. :)

Also, don't ever go to The Warfield alone at night. EVER. I'm glad I had a friend with me to at least chuckle over the fact that some elderly homeless man called us cheap ass bitches. If I didn't fear for my life, I would have told him what I thought of that. But I like myself to remain alive for at least 70 more years.

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