rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

A historic and wonderful day for our nation, count me happy it wasn't a nail-biting, late-night affair either. :) But it was a bittersweet day for California.

Sweet is that Prop 2, a measure to improve the welfare of 20 million farmed animals in the state, passed. Resoundingly. It's not ending cruelty to farmed animals by any stretch but it is making life a smidgen nicer for the time they are raised for slaughter.

Bitter is that Prop 8, a measure that would deny the rights of same-sex partners to marry, seems to be winning. Our state's Constitution is not supposed to be used for discrimination and hate. I'll hope that, because it's such a close call, that tolerance will prevail and No votes will win. It's a slim hope but one I'm going to cling to, nevertheless.
Tags: election 2008

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