rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Not because I think it's effective

But because I think it's just an easy, right thing to do:


I just signed a pledge to repeal Prop 8 and I thought you might be interested in 
joining me and over 100,000 Courage Campaign members across California.

We have to come together right now to say that we refuse to accept a California 
where discrimination is enshrined in our state constitution. 

Please sign the "Repeal  Prop 8" pledge now and forward this to your friends as 
soon as possible:

If you aren't familiar with Prop 8: It was a measure on the California ballot to add an amendment to our state's constitution banning the right for gays to marry. Taking away rights should not be included in our Constitution, no matter how polarizing the issue is. I don't think petitions are necessarily the most provocative method of creating change, but they have been known to sway judges and, at the very least, they show that people care about an issue. Feel free to sign.

Tags: election 2008
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