rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Hamster Call

So even though the sanctuary is for farmed animals, we are listed in the phone book under "humane societies". We get a lot of dog and cat and "other" animal calls, which is irksome to say the least.

This morning a woman calls concerned that her kids might have contracted rabies. From a hamster. That everyone always had to wear gloves to handle because he bit people frequently. The hamster died and now she wanted to find out about getting the hamster tested. I explained that hamsters are not great kid pets, that if the hamster always needed to be handled with gloves then he should not have been handled at all by children (or stupid adults, for that matter), and that the hamster probably died of natural causes. I handed her off to animal control because she still wasn't convinced that her preshus chitlins weren't already dying of an incurable virus.

I guess I just do not understand why anyone would make such a call about an animal that has acted aggressively his entire life. More than that, I don't understand why people are so stupid as to frustrate and torture the poor hamster who clearly was never comfortable being touched or handled. Respect, people, respect. If an animal doesn't want to be touched, either work on getting him used to handling in a positive manner or leave him be and provide him a good life w/o physical contact. It can be done.

More importantly, I have the best cat in the universe on my lap snoozing. His name is Thomas and I love him. And I wish my dumb dog(s) would be cat savvy instead of cat stupid so I could have a cat like Thomas.
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