rinalia (rinalia) wrote,

Whale Wars

Whale Wars was full of monumental stupidity last night. I mean fall straight on your face, trip over your feet, walk into a big red wall, and try to outrun a train stupid.

I can tell you this: Never in a million years will I ever donate money to the Sea Shepherd Society. I'm glad they go out to help whales, I fully support that. I even support most of their methods. What I don't like is this half-ass haphazard modus operandi where you "think" something might work and are relieved that it does (have a better game plan than that!) Even worse is their brazen disregard for human life, like sending out a small zodiac boat in the middle of the night in the arctic sea and then losing them (and having the zodiac team be so stupid as to not ever radio back to the bigger ship). To be honest, I don't get this whole premeditated "I'll die for the cause" business.

Their reference to being "like an army" and run "like a dictatorship" is so full of arrogance and idiocy that the dictionary needs to change its definition of Stupid and Arrogance to accommodate the Sea Shepherd crew.

And yes, I'll still be watching the show. I'm a sucker for punishment.


Tags: whale wars
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